Shangri-La Volunteers Beautify Beaches In Beihai And Hambantota

Shangri-La Group properties around the world are committed to serving our communities and environment to ensure a healthy and teeming ecosystem. In March 2021, colleagues in Beihai and Hambantota, Sri Lanka volunteered to beautify their beaches.

In the spirit of volunteer service led by the Beihai Municipal Health Commission, Shangri-La Hotel, Beihai organized a beach cleanup and ant forest watering activities to contribute to the Shangri-La Ant Forest. On March 5, over 50 colleagues volunteered to clean the North Shore Beach while tracking their activity.

“Under the scorching sun, all volunteers dug out garbage buried in the sand using various tools,” recalled Kathy Deng, human resources manager at the hotel. “Colleagues collected bags of waste including confetti, cigarette butts, plastic bags and more.”

On March 26, colleagues from Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka volunteered to clean a nearby beach that is popular among locals and fishermen. Riddled with non-biodegradable pollutants including broken fishing nets, the beach was in desperate need of a clean-up. Over four hours, resort colleagues collected over 30 bags of polythene, plastic, glass and fishing nets.

Thank you to our colleagues in China and Sri Lanka for volunteering their time to clean nearby beaches and promote environmental protection.