Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Helps Community Members After Devastating Flood

On December 31, 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia experienced the heaviest rainfall in over a decade. Downpours continued into New Year’s Day. Overflowing rivers flooded the capital and surrounding areas in water. Several parts of the city remained without power through Thursday, January 2. According to CNN, more than 173,000 Jakartans had been displaced by January 3.

During the flooding, volunteers from Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta leapt into action to lead flood victims to safety in rafts. Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta continued providing aid by donating food, diapers, medicine, bottled mineral water and cleaning supplies to shelters in the area.

Thank you to our quick-acting colleagues who helped community members in this time of need. We wish the city and its residents a swift recovery after this devastating flood.