Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok Encourages Creativity With Face Mask Design Competition

To lift spirits during this challenging time, the human resources department at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok invited colleagues to participate in the Homemade Face Mask Design Contest.

“The contest invited everyone to use their initiative and creativity to express their personalities in their new gear while promoting proper health and safety,” said Ms. Caroline Cheah, the hotel General Manager.

A panel of judges reviewed and ranked the submitted designs.

Ms. Kanchanaphon Rungphom, member of the front office team, won third place with her intricate flower design.

Ms. Apinya Sukjit, project engineer, placed second for her creative hand design.

Ms Ninnet Khantikul, guest service manager, won first place for her purple floral knitted face mask.

Thank you to the team at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok for combining health and safety with creativity.