Hotel Jen Manila Participates In Blood Drive To Save Lives

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread throughout the Philippines, blood donations have plummeted across the country. Three months after the government implemented strict lockdown policies, blood banks and hospitals are now in severe blood shortages. Makati Medical Center (MMC) is among thousands of hospitals in Metro Manila that is experiencing this problem.

With an urgent need of life-saving blood, MMC reached out to Hotel Jen Manila to partner to help save people’s lives.

“Despite all the fears and worries, our colleagues have responded to the call for help,” said Rodolfo Bazar, director of human resources. “Out of our 26 in-house colleagues, we have served as the venue to facilitate the donation drive. MMC collected a total of 10,400 cc of blood from colleagues who are fit and healthy.”

“The need for blood never stops, and never do we,” continued Bazar. “Together, we can help save lives and stay healthy.”

Thank you to our colleagues at Hotel Jen Manila for the selfless act!