Hearing The World: Wang Haibo Passes Hearing Test And Graduates From Early Intervention Center

Since 2015, Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou has committed to helping the Suzhou Jiayue Early Intervention Center and its students with hearing impairments. During the five-year commitment, the hotel has helped six children with hearing impairments and sponsored artificial cochlear implant surgeries, physical therapy and rehabilitation. In 2016, the hotel started the Hearing the World project to further help the children, which has raised RMB128,218 (about USD19,000) to date.

On August 21, Wang Haibo, one of the Hearing the World beneficiaries who underwent artificial cochlear implant surgery in 2017, passed Suzhou Jiayue Early Intervention Center’s graduation assessment for hearing impaired children.

With this accomplishment, Wang Haibo will be able to attend primary school.

Congratulations to Wang Haibo for the incredible accomplishment, and thank you to Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou and the Suzhou Jiayue Early Intervention Center for helping Wang Haibo through this process.