Fresh Is Best: Hotel Jen Beijing Supports Local Purveyors At Organic Market

Shangri-La Group is committed to Rooted in Nature, the group-wide sustainable food and beverage initiative that procures organic and fair trade ingredients across produce, livestock, dairy products, poultry, seafood and more. The program is impactful in all Shangri-La destinations, particularly in urban destinations where fresh produce and ingredients are scarce. Properties such as Hotel Jen Beijing have committed to Rooted in Nature by bringing fresh and healthy ingredients to locals and guests through hosted farmers markets.

In partnership with Beijing Farmers’ Market, Hotel Jen Beijing invites local organic farmers from the Beijing countryside to the heart of the city for a fresh and fun event. During the Beijing Organic Market on June 13, eight local purveyors showcased fresh organic vegetables and fruit for guests and local residents.

Held at Beersmith for the past year, attendees shopped through the purveyors’ and farmers’ fresh products including eggs, vegetables, honey, seafood, meat, spices, fresh-pressed juices and more. Organized on the second and fourth Saturday of each month, the hotel encourages attendees to bring their own recyclable bags and glasses to help prevent waste.

“In the past year, we organized more than 10 market events aiming to help local organic farmers enrich the lives of guests and locals,” said Ginger Jiang, assistant director of communications at Hotel Jen Beijing.

“We hope to bring more healthy food to our communities and contribute to happy weekends and happy lives,” said Zhang Wenjing, the key organizer of the Beijing Organic Market.