Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi Supports Vulnerable Community Members During COVID-19 Crisis

During these uncertain times, community members and organizations are banding together to support one another. Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi has been a shining example by supporting its community in many ways.

Shangri-La Group colleagues around the world are repurposing their skills to help community members in need. Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi’s in-house tailor decided to use his skill to help protect vulnerable community members and address mask shortages by stitching washable and reusable masks at the hotel. The colleague sewed 130 masks, which will be donated to Bal Sahyog, the hotel's EMBRACE partner.

To support Bal Sahyog, the hotel’s EMBRACE beneficiary that cares for children in the community, volunteers made sanitized soap using gently-used soap from the hotel. Hotel volunteers disinfected the soap and used cookie molds to create and package the new soap. Volunteers delivered the soap to the center and demonstrated how to properly wash one’s hands.

Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi donated over 55 kilograms of food to Umeed – A Drop Of Hope, a local youth club that supports children from disadvantaged background. The donations will help feed 225 children. The hotel is also working closely with Handicapped Children’s Regeneration Organization (HCRO), a charitable organization that supports community members with disabilities, by donating food and preparing meals for the residents.

The hotel has donated food and supplies to Rasoi On Wheels, a mobile kitchen service that delivers healthy meals to members of the community. During this challenging time, the hotel and Rasoi On Wheels have supported organizations in need of food support including orphanages, elderly homes, schools and hospitals. The hotel donated food supplies such as rice, flour, oil, salt and spices that will help sustain 10 families for 15 days.

In a separate initiative, hotel volunteers have cooked, packaged and distributed meals to community members from low income backgrounds.

At the start of the pandemic, a migrant workforce was hard at work constructing the Delhi Police Headquarters. Since then, the workers have been displaced due to the country lockdown. The hotel supported this group by donated food supplies and essentials, as well as daily refreshing drinks to the Corona Warriors – Cops stationed near the hotel. To date, the hotel has donated 110 kilograms of rice, flour, salt and more to help 48 families and 36 litres of refreshing beverages to police men and women on the frontlines.

Due to restaurant closures and limited resources at animal shelters, animals throughout the city are going hungry. Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel, New Delhi fed stray animals in the city with leftover bread, poultry and rice.

Due to lockdown and social distancing, the city's greenery has not been maintained and overgrown. To address this, 14 colleagues volunteered to clean the streets of New Delhi and water greenery throughout the city.

As a message of hope to the community and salute to frontline and healthcare professionals, the hotel has illuminated its façade in the shape of a heart.

Thank you to our colleagues who have supported our community during this difficult time.