Chefs From Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto Inspire Youths Through A Culinary Workshop

On September 16, Junior Sous Chef Isaac Tang and Junior Sous Chef Matthew Gimblett from Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto celebrated the National Day of Charity with a visit to Covenant House Toronto. This is the hotel’s EMBRACE beneficiary that supports youths who are homeless, trafficked or at risk. During the visit, the chefs led a culinary demonstration for students who live in the house.

They inspired the students with personal stories about what sparked their culinary passions. Tang described his culinary career as a creative outlet to express himself.

“For a lot of the students who struggle in their daily lives, culinary programs and activities are great ways to channel their energy,” said Tang.

After speaking with the students, Tang and Gimblett led hands-on demonstrations to help the students strengthen their culinary skills. The students learned how to prepare homemade chicken Cavatelli pasta from scratch.

“This culinary workshop was a great success and very engaging for the students,” said Tang. “The class made two dishes for everyone to enjoy and not a single item was left on the plate.”