Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo Teaches Students The Art Of Omotenashi Hospitality

On September 10, colleagues from Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo visited the Sakamoto Elementary School to teach 110 students about omotenashi, the Japanese term for hospitality encompassing a wholehearted approach to looking after guests. Colleagues who practice omotenashi hospitality have the mindset that there are no menial tasks if the result ensures a great experience for the guests.

“Having the professionals from Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo will help the students learn some of the key elements of hospitality,” said Yuri Terao, a teacher at Sakamoto Elementary School. “The children will be able to put these lessons to use during future programs.”

Colleagues from housekeeping, guest services, food and beverage, finance, weddings and human resources departments discussed the importance of omotenashi in their respective departments.

After the presentations, colleagues engaged with students, played educational games and acted out scenarios that helped the students better understand omotenashi.

The students created skits about how to serve guests in different situations and departments.

“The students were amazing,” said Yuki Adachi, an apprentice at Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo. “They asked a lot of good questions and came up with some great ideas that I had never thought of.”

The students received certificates of participation at the end of the visit.

Thank you to our colleagues at Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo for teaching the next generation of hoteliers the importance of quality hospitality.