Hotel Jen Beijing Hosts Zero Waste Market To Encourage Greener Living For A Healthier Planet

On August 17, Hotel Jen Beijing hosted the Zero Waste Market at Prototype, the hotel’s coworking lounge, in partnership with the Beijing Farmer’s Market and Zero Waste Alliance. Thousands of visitors explored the market and participated in activities and crafts. They also learned about environmental protection and how to properly recycle and reuse products.

During the event, seven environmental professionals from around the world led talks and workshops about recycling and other topics to raise awareness about waste reduction and reusable items including tote bags, plastic bottles, metal utensils and more. Over 40 local organic farmers and producers showcased their products. Twenty staff members from Hotel Jen Beijing helped organize and run the event.

“We are what we consume,” said a Hotel Jen Beijing colleague. “As a part of our living environment, we need to learn how to reduce and recycle waste, and to build a prosperous and inclusive future without waste.”

Beyond the Zero Waste Market, Hotel Jen Beijing turns thought into action by implementing plastic-free initiatives in its restaurants and encourages health club members to bring reusable water bottles.