Shangri-La Group Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival With CSR

Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated every year on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. This is the second most important festival in China, after Lunar New Year. Throughout China and other parts of Asia, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to give thanks for family, friends and blessings in one’s life and celebrate a prosperous harvest season.

During the festival, traditional pastries known as mooncakes are gifted as tokens of appreciation to loved ones. The pastry’s circular shape symbolizes completeness and togetherness, while also signifying the shape of the harvest full moon, which means prosperity and reunion.

During the festive season this year, Shangri-La Group properties throughout China, Hong Kong SAR and Southeast Asia extended kindness, love and mooncakes throughout their communities.


Hong Kong

Southeast Asia

Thank you to our colleagues around the world who spread love and cheer during Mid-Autumn Festival.