Shangri-La Aims To Plant 5,000 Trees In Two Years Through Race For Hope Campaign

On September 20, Shangri-La Group kicked off Race for Hope, a China-wide CSR initiative as part of the Group’s environmental efforts to protect the planet. In partnership with Alipay’s Ant Forest and communities throughout China, Race for Hope aims to plant 5,000 trees in two years when Shangri-La celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021.

As the first hospitality group to launch on China’s leading digital platform Alipay’s Ant Forest, Shangri-La Group will bring together all 50 Shangri-La, Kerry, Jen and Traders properties in Mainland China to encourage daily participation from guests, colleagues and community to promote environmental protection.

Created by Alipay and Ant Financial Services Group, the Ant Forest campaign encourages users to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives including walking, jogging, taking public transportation and more. When a user completes a sustainable practice, the user logs it in the app, which is converted to “green energy” within the user’s “forest.” When the user earns enough “green energy,” a virtual tree grows in the user’s forest. Ant Financial plants a real tree for every virtual tree.

In partnership with Alipay’s Ant Forest, Race for Hope challenges participants to change their behavior and convert a low carbon lifestyle into real tree planting. During Race for Hope, Shangri-La Group will encourage guests, colleagues and stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices promoted in the Ant Forest app. Participants can then log their sustainable activities by scanning the “Shangri-La Ant Forest” QR code or searching for “Shangri-La” on the Ant Forest app. The activities will convert to carbon points and water Shangri-La’s “forest.” All online participation will turn into tangible results of real tree planting through Ant Forest and NGO partners.

In addition to the Ant Forest online program, Shangri-La Group will organize the National Grand Beginning Race event in Shanghai. Hotels in different cities will roll out activities including family-friendly five-kilometer races in late October. For local race registration, guests can visit respective hotels’ WeChat channels for more information.