Hotel Jen Hong Kong Nurtures Careers In Hospitality

Shangri-La Group understands the importance of engaging local youth both on and off property. On April 23, Hotel Jen Hong Kong welcomed two students from the Lee Ching Dea Memorial College, one of the hotel’s EMBRACE beneficiaries that teaches underprivileged students, to shadow a housekeeping colleague.

From orientation and training to in-room experience, the students learned about the responsibilities of a housekeeper.

“Being a one-day housekeeper, the students were able to experience the duties in a ‘real life’ scenario hotel operation,” said Ijo Tang, senior marketing communications executive at Hotel Jen Hong Kong. “They were grateful to have this unique opportunity to learn.”

“The students were impressed by the professional and dedicated services from our housekeeping team,” continued Tang. “We look forward to welcoming them back as our ‘new generation’ colleagues soon.”

Thank you to Hotel Jen Hong Kong for providing the experience. We hope to welcome the students to the Shangri-La family, and many more students into the training program.