Shangri-La Group Promotes Environmental Protection On World Environment Day

Since its introduction on June 5, 1974, World Environment Day has developed into a global platform to raise awareness about issues from marine pollution and global warming to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. After over 40 years, the UN Environment continues to promote the observation, driving change in consumption habits and environmental policy.

This year, Shangri-La and sister-brand properties around the world participated in the meaningful observation. From beach cleanups to launching long-term environmental protection programs, check out how Shangri-La hotels and resorts promoted environmentalism in their local communities.

On-Property Initiatives

On June 5, Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu launched the Shangri-La Mactan Eco Trail, a stunning route of greenery that showcases endemic, medicinal, rare and endangered plants across the 13-hectare resort. The first of its kind in the Philippines, the Eco Trail highlights over 65 plants that have been identified for their distinctive properties and remarkable uses including culinary, medicine, cosmetics, perfumes or aesthetic.

The Eco Trail encourages guests to learn more about Cebu’s natural beauty and engage with the resort’s trained eco rangers. Markers on the trail provide multilingual overviews of plants, including their scientific names, histories, uses and information about where they can be found around the world.

“As resort colleagues care for the plants through sustainability efforts and campaigns, it is inevitably more than just an attraction, but a sanctuary,” said Rene D. Egle, the resort’s general manager.

On June 1, Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing celebrated World Environment Day early with a sustainable seafood event. The hotel invited local environmental experts to discuss the importance of sustainable seafood and other products with guests and media. During the educational talks, attendees enjoyed dishes made with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified ingredients.

Later in the evening, Chef Tian conducted a cooking class for children and their parents using sustainably-sourced and MSC-certified shrimp.

Hotel Jen Beijing raised awareness about environmental protection on property by replacing plastic food containers with paper boxes, and replacing plastic bags with paper bags. The hotel also encouraged Trainyard members to bring reusable water bottles rather than use disposable plastic water bottles.

“Engaging with environmental issues, Hotel Jen Beijing takes practical action to reduce its impact on the environment and increase public awareness,” said Cindy Liu, director of communications at Hotel Jen Beijing.

In partnership with Wangdajie Elder's House, Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian organized a flea market for colleagues. The purpose of the event was to encourage colleagues to reduce waste and promote recycling. The flea market raised RMB4,526 (about USD666) for the elderly home.

Community Outreach

Fifteen volunteers from Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort & Spa, Kota Kinabalu and children and students from the Program Pemulihan Dalaman Komuniti (PPDK-Community Based Rehabilitation center), which teaches children with developmental disabilities, harvested vegetables from the Dalit Vegetable Farm. The children learned about the importance of gardening and fresh produce, and harvested 10 kilograms of water spinach, 20 kilograms of bok choy and one kilogram of green chili peppers.

“Gardening is a wonderful therapeutic medium that can help everyone, regardless of age or ability,” said Regina Sulit, director of communications at Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort & Spa, Kota Kinabalu. “Growing your own food helps reduce strain on the environment, too.”

The group ended the day with a visit to the PPDK-Community Based Rehabilitation center, where resort colleagues will build an on-site vegetable garden. Teachers and students will use their new knowledge about gardening to grow and harvest produce, which will be used as fresh ingredients in the center’s kitchen.

On June 5, 152 colleagues from Sule Shangri-La, Yangon and representatives from Wilmar Myanmar International Co. Ltd. planted trees at the Yan Kin San Yar Monastic Education Centre, the hotel’s EMBRACE beneficiary.

After the tree planting activity, volunteers, students, teachers and monks celebrated the official opening of the center. The hotel provided a delicious lunch to the center’s children and monks.

“All in all, it was a very memorable day filled with good deeds and new beginnings,” said Kay Thari, service manager – communications at Sule Shangri-La, Yangon.

Sixteen volunteers from Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou facilitated a garbage and recycling classification activity for 30 kindergarten students. Each student received certificates of participation for their hard work.

“We hope the lively and interesting approach to this activity will help the children remember the importance of recycling so we can all protect our environment,” said Shirley Zhu, director of communications at Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou.

On June 1, Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan celebrated World Environment Day early with families in the Wuhan community during a garbage classification activity and crafts using repurposed waste.

Shangri-La Hotel, Hefei colleagues participated in a garbage classification activity at a famous local scenic attraction.

“With our humble efforts, we hope to make the earth more beautiful by saving resources,” said Gloria Yu, training manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Hefei.

On June 13, Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives celebrated World Environment Day by planting over 300 coconut trees with neighboring communities around Addu Atoll. Over 500 participants from schools including the resort's EMBRACE partner, local non-governmental organizations and resort colleagues engaged in the activity.

"We believe that planting trees plays an important role such as stabilization of sand and safeguarding environment in the future," said Jynkee Shaine D. Camacho, corporate social responsibility and sustainability manager at the resort.

Thirty-eight colleagues from Hotel Jen Manila attended an Environmental Awareness Lecture at La Mesa Dam and Reservoir followed by a three-kilometer educational walk, during which colleagues learned about vericomposting and different trees. Colleagues ended the day by planting seedlings.

"The activity reminded us that recreational activities can be both fun and responsible," said Juvy Almendares, service manager - training/quality improvement.

Twenty colleagues from Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin participated in a riverside cleanup. The volunteers collected over 10 kilograms of waste.

"Everyone is very happy that their efforts have made the environment more beautiful," said Cecilia Wang, training manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin.

Beach Cleanups

Thirty Shangri-La Hotel, Xiamen colleagues and 12 families participated in a beach cleanup on Guanyinshan Beach.

“We created a very special day for these children and encouraged them to live environmentally-conscious lives,” said Lucy Wang, communications manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Xiamen.

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore organized a beach cleanup.

Tree Planting Activities

Colleagues from Shangri-La Hotel, Huhhot participated in a tree planting activity in the Daqing Mountains in the Heilongjiang province.

“With our continued efforts, the Daqing Mountains will be greener than ever,” said Vikki Wei, communications manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Huhhot.

Colleagues at Shangri-La Hotel, Lhasa planted 53 trees and flowers in the hotel garden. Some colleagues reduced their carbon footprint by walking to work rather than driving or using public transportation.

Thank you to our colleagues around the world who promoted environmental protection on World Environment Day.