Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya Celebrates World Wetlands Day With Mangrove Planting And Bird Release Act

On January 31, Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya celebrated World Wetlands Day with a mangrove planting and bird release initiative. Hotel volunteers led 36 fourth grade students from the MI Nurul Huda 1 School, the hotel’s EMBRACE partner, to plant 500 mangrove seedlings in a mangrove plantation in Wonorejo, Surabaya. Colleagues and students then cleaned the area, checked on the mangroves planted in previous years, and released 200 birds to improve the health of the ecosystem.

“As an important category of wetlands, mangrove forests grow along tropical coastlines and in saltwater environments,” said Fajar Mulya, executive communications manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya. “Mangroves also serve as excellent buffer zones between the open ocean and coastal lands, reducing the impacts of storms and keeping coastal erosion under control. They are a critical component of marine ecosystems, serving as nursery grounds for many aquatic species, including fish species.”

“We are happy that the students of MI Nurul Huda 1 were able to spend half of the day learning outside of their class to mark this important global event,” said Cahya Bhinartika, the hotel’s CSR manager who led the project. “We are grateful for the annual mangrove planting activity, which not only helps raise environmental awareness among students and Shangri-La colleagues, but also enables them to give back to nature and the local community.”

Thank you to the hotel volunteers and students for helping beautify and maintain the mangrove ecosystem in Surabaya.