Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong Offers Fresh Ingredients From On-Property Hydroponic Garden

In 2017, Ricardo Chaneton, chef de cuisine of Restaurant Petrus at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, recalled memories from his time cooking in France of picking fresh herbs in a nearby garden to incorporate in his dishes. Inspired by this memory, Chaneton introduced the idea of a hydroponic system at Island Shangri-La to enhance dishes at Restaurant Petrus.

Over the next six months, the culinary team worked closely with local suppliers to install a hydroponic garden and source a wide variety of organic seeds from Hong Kong, France and other locations. In August 2017, the hydroponic wall opened for full operation. The garden is in line with Rooted in Nature, the group-wide sustainable food and beverage initiative that supports responsible procurement of quality ingredients used in Shangri-La and sister-brand kitchens worldwide.

The garden now grows over 20 different types of vegetables, herbs, spices and flowers including Swiss chard, borage leaves and more. Chef Chaneton and the culinary team use the ingredients in dishes throughout the menu.

Thank you to our colleagues at Island Shangri-La for expanding the Rooted in Nature initiative in Hong Kong!