Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Encourages Residents to Recycle in 2019

At the beginning of every year since 2015, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta invites residents of the Shangri-La Residences to discuss sustainable living. On January 26, Bintari Rarastiwi, CSR and sustainability manager at the hotel, led the annual meeting with an educational presentation about responsible recycling. Rarastiwi also encouraged participation from the children with an interactive activity.

“The objective is to maintain our Recycling Program, not only in the hotel but also in the residences,” said Rarastiwi. “The residents who attend are always excited about the program and are eager to continue recycling and living sustainably.”

Thank you to our colleagues, guests and residences at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta for promoting sustainable living throughout Shangri-La’s operations.