Shangri-La And Traders Hotels In Yiwu, Xian and Changzhou Support Ride For Hope 3

In October and November, hotels throughout China supported Ride for Hope 3, a multi-city cycling route that supports the Ai You Foundation. Check out how hotels in Yiwu, Xian and Changzhou supported the initiative.

On October 28, Shangri-La Hotel, Yiwu welcomed the cyclists with a charity dinner at Brown Sugar. The next day, more than 100 local cyclists joined the Ride for Hope 3 participants during a city ride. Thirteen cyclists from Hurricane Cycling Club joined the team on the next leg of the journey to Ningbo.

“It is a great honor for Shangri-La Hotel, Yiwu to participate in the Ride for Hope 3 activity of the Shangri-La Group,” said Thomas Zhang, general manager of the hotel. “This activity is not only for public benefit. The activity advocates healthy and low-carbon lifestyle. It is also a great honor to invite many partners and caring people to join us in helping children regain a happy childhood and healthy life through the Ai You Foundation.”

Anticipating the arrival of Ride for Hope 3 cyclists, Shangri-La Hotel, Xian promoted the event with online sales and donations, raising over RMB140,000 (about USD20,189) for the Ai You Foundation. After the participants arrived on November 2, 200 local cyclists joined the Ride for Hope team for an urban cycling route before the riders departed to their next destination.

“The Xian stop of Ride for Hope 3 was a success,” said Jane Sun, communications manager at the hotel. “This was a great opportunity to gather for a great cause. This proves that together, we can make a difference.”

East of Xian, colleagues in Changzhou supported Ride for Hope 3 with a fun cultural tradition. Every year, Double Ninth is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month to honor elderly members in the community. To continue this tradition and raise funds and awareness for the Ai You Foundation, Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou prepared a Double Ninth Charity Bake Sale in conjunction with Ride for Hope 3.

“In our city, people like to purchase special cakes and gift them to elderly relatives and friends,” said Linda Shi, executive assistant manager of rooms at Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou. “We sold each piece of cake for RMB39 (about USD6), and three pieces for RMB109 (about USD16).”

The hotel raised over RMB15,000 (about USD2,163) for the Ai You Foundation.

Thank you to our colleagues in Yiwu, Xian and Changzhou for supporting the country-wide initiative!