Kerry Hotel, Beijing Brings Comfort To New Day Foster Home

As a luxury hospitality organization, the Shangri-La Group understands the importance of a good night’s sleep. Colleagues at Kerry Hotel, Beijing decided to help children at the New Day Foster Home do just that by donating 140 plush pillows to the center.

“We hope that these pillows will help the children to sleep soundly, night after night,” said Annie Liu, director of human resources at the hotel. “We are happy to bring a bit of five-star luxury to the center.”

Along with the pillows, the hotel donated 50 new plates to the home for their daily use.

“These plates will certainly brighten up their meal times,” said Liu.

New Day Foster Home is a center for orphans and underprivileged children with special needs across China. The home also offers shelter to children in need of life-saving surgeries.

In 2014, Kerry Hotel, Beijing initiated a charity fund for the center to support the children’s surgeries and recoveries. To date, the program has been successful in supporting children with the urgent care they need.