From Trash to Fuel: Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo Participates in Thermal Recycling with AITEC and Toshi K

Since 2014, Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo has partnered with AITEC and Toshi Kankyo Engineering to reduce waste through a process called thermal recycling. Through this partnership, AITEC and Toshi Kankyo collect and recycle used toothbrushes and slippers, respectively, from the hotel. The discarded items are processed and crushed into disposable plastic pellets. Pellets made from discarded toothbrushes are used in authorized cement factories, where they are burned as alternative fuel source to power the factories’ machines. Pellets made from discarded slippers are transported to the factories where the slippers are produced, where they are burned to generate electricity.

Since the program’s inception in 2014, the hotel has recycled over 978 kilograms (over 2,156 pounds) of used toothbrushes through AITEC, and over 8,713 kilograms (about 19,208 pounds) of slippers through Toshi Kankyo, which would have otherwise been discarded in landfills.

Congratulations to the teams at Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo, AITEC and Toshi Kankyo Engineering for avoiding waste by recycling items to their fullest potential.