Shangri-La Hotels Expand Rooted In Nature Programs With Farm Fresh Ingredients and Sustainable Seafo

Shangri-La hotels around the world continuously expand Rooted in Nature programs to offer the best local ingredients as well as support the community. Recently, Shangri-La Hotel, Shenyang, Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin and Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur enhanced their Rooted in Nature programs.

Located in China near the border of Liaoning and Inner Mongolia, Kangping is a local village renowned for its rich soil and ideal environment for growing produce. However, because of its remote location, Kanping’s delicious produce is not easily accessible to businesses and markets.

As part of Shangri-La Hotel, Shenyang’s continuous efforts to expand its Rooted in Nature offerings, the hotel has partnered with farms in Kanping to supply fresh produce to the hotel, including organic sweet potatoes.

“The cooperation will not only delight our guests, but also support the farmers and local community in Kanping,” said Julia Wang, communications executive at the hotel. “We hope this partnership sets a good example for our customers, our colleagues and our community for greater corporate social responsibility inside and outside the hotel.”

"Being Shenyang born myself, I am so glad I had an opportunity to learn about Kangping's sweet potatoes," said Cindy Zhou, director of communications at the hotel. "I have heard of the place but never knew about the villagers' poor living conditions. I am glad Shangri-La Hotel, Shenyang can help the villagers pave the way for better lives."

"I love being part of the hotel's CSR activities," said Rick Du, Chinese executive chef. "When I learned about this cooperation with Kangping, I volunteered immediately and came up with several dishes involving sweet potatoes. It was a hit for our diners and customers. I am so happy that our hard work is making villagers smile."

On July 27, colleagues from Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin visited BenNiu Farm, the hotel’s fruit and vegetable supplier. During the visit, hotel colleagues engaged with the farmers and learned about the different sustainable seasonal produce on offer.

“Colleagues got hands-on at the farm, picking fruit and vegetables straight from the vine and ground,” said Helen Ji, director of government affairs at the hotel.

In Malaysia, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur expanded its seafood offerings at Lemon Garden with green grouper, silver pompano, red snapper and Asia barramundi fish sourced from Dragon Taste Seafood Wholesale & Retail (DTS). The SeaNutri-branded fish are farmed in compliance with requirements by Good Aquaculture Practice, which has strict quality assurance guidelines that adhere to standards set by Department of Fisheries Malaysia. Guidelines include indoor brood-stock farming technology to maintain healthy water quality, temperatures and overall environment. DTS also uses patented fish feed called AGC Omega Rich, which contains essential nutrients important for healthy maturity.

Executive Chef Olivier Pistre and the team at Lemon Garden created a sustainable menu with 25 dishes using produce from DTS.

“Sourcing sustainably-farmed fish not only reduces the damage inflicted on the environment, but also enhances the quality and taste of a dish,” said Neena Dewi, director of communications at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. “From Teo Chew-style Green Grouper to baked Red Snapper with turmeric, coconut milk and Malay spices, guests at Lemon Garden can look forward a scrumptious dining experience.”

Great work to all of our hotels expanding Rooted in Nature initiatives!