Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong Commits To Helping J-Life Foundation In 2018

At Shangri-La, our hotels and resorts commit to long-term projects to make the greatest positive impact possible. Since opening, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong has committed to supporting J-Life Foundation, a local community center that helps community members in need.

“Through coordinating different activities with J-Life Foundation, we aim to teach the community skills so they can be self-reliant in the future,” said Katy Fok, director of human resources at Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong.

Check out some of the great projects our colleagues at Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong have completed with J-Life in 2018.

In March, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong started partnering with FoodLink, a food donation program through J-Life. Every Monday, hotel volunteers distribute food to families in the community. Along with volunteering, the hotel also donates food from its own kitchens to the program.

“It is great to know we can reduce food waste while helping those in need,” said Fok.

On June 8, hotel volunteers spent the day with the staff at J-Life in Sham Shui Po by packing rice for low-income families in the community. The 11 volunteers packed and delivered 700 kilograms of rice to the families in need, which can support up to 350 families.

“Rice is a staple food in our culture, and through helping this way, we hope to tell those in need that we care,” said Fok.

On July 10, J-Life representatives and hotel volunteers donated food and goods to displaced people in the community.

“The project taught us a very important lesson: that we shouldn’t take what we have for granted,” said Fok.

Also in July, the hotel held a summer program for children at J-Life. During the program, the children enjoyed baking and decorating cupcakes and cookies.

“They all became master chefs, making goodies under the assistance of our chefs and volunteers,” said Fok. “The best part was seeing their smiling faces while eating the delicious treats!”

In addition to the hotel’s special projects with J-Life, every month, colleagues from Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong celebrate the children’s birthday with a cake prepared by the food and beverage department. During the celebrations, the children blow out the candles, enjoy the cake and visit with our hotel volunteers.

“It is so rewarding to see so many happy faces when we personally deliver the cakes to the community,” said Fok.

Every week, the hotel assists the center by fixing, upgrading and maintaining the space through improvement projects. During the projects, a group of hotel volunteers visit the center to beautify and structurally improve the space, including wall painting, electrical appliance installation and air conditioning maintenance.

“We look forward to seeing J-Life become a more comfortable gathering place for the members of the community as well as the employees,” said Fok.

Looking forward in September, the hotel will partner with Food Angel to deliver and distribute hot meals to the elderly at J-Life.

Way to go, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong!