Kerry Hotel, Beijing Helps Save Three-Month-Old In Need Of Heart Surgery

Since 2014, Kerry Hotel, Beijing has been committed to support the New Day Foster Home, a charitable organization that helps orphaned and underprivileged children with special needs. The home also offers shelter to orphaned children in need of life-saving surgeries. Following these surgeries, the organization assists the children in the adoption process to find loving families after recovery. Since its establishment in 2000, the New Day Foster Home has helped over 100 children receive operations and be adopted.

In March, Kerry Hotel, Beijing was informed of Guancai Kong, a three-month-old child from the New Day Foster Home that was sent to the ICU in Bayi Hospital. Because of her heart condition, Guancai was connected to a breathing machine and transfused with nutrients to keep her alive.

After hearing about the child, the hotel management team immediately decided to donate RMB80,000 (about USD11,812) to save the child’s life.

With the support of the hotel and the New Day Foster Home, Guancai received heart surgery on April 13 and completed the procedure without complication. On April 24, Guancai was able to breathe and function with a non-invasive ventilator. Just one month later, Guancai was removed from the ventilator and moved to an oxygen mask. On May 8, the little girl who was kept in ICU for almost a month was finally transferred out to the main pediatrics hospital center.

Currently, Guancai is still recuperating in the hospital.

“We will continue to send her our love, care and prayers for a speedy recovery so that she can lead a happy and healthy childhood,” said Kelly Chan, training manager at Kerry Hotel, Beijing.

Thank you to the team at Kerry Hotel, Beijing for helping save Guancai’s life. We look forward to updates of Guancai’s successful recovery.