Hotel Jen Penang and Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong Say No to Plastic Straws

On July 1, 2018, Hotel Jen Penang came down to its last straw – plastic straw, that is – by launching the ‘Say “No Straw” Please’ campaign, which banned plastic straws throughout the hotel. Hotel Jen Penang is the first four-star international chain hotel in Penang to announce the ban of plastic straws.

“We are pleased to be able to join the global effort in helping the environment and reducing our plastic footprint,” said Wong Yaw Ling, area CSR and sustainability manager. “The issues of plastic pollution are incredibly alarming around the globe and, by practicing sustainability, we hope to drive awareness and social change together with our colleagues and guests.”

“This is the latest series of green initiatives at the hotel, such as offering a variety of superb beverages and cocktails without the need to use a straw in an aim to cut waste, which also encourages guests to join in the movement,” said Ellie Yeoh, communications manager at the hotel.

Moving forward, plastic straws will be replaced with biodegradable paper straws, which will only be served upon request. The ‘Say “No Straw” Please’ campaign is the first step in the hotel’s approach to move away from using plastic, including in food and drink packaging. The hotel aims to replace plastic usage throughout hotel products with sustainable alternatives as well as increase its recycling efforts.

The hotel’s sales and marketing and events teams will join the efforts by encouraging event organizers to book green meetings options at Hotel Jen Penang.

“We recognize the long-term detrimental impact on the environment and society at large,” said Yaw Ling. “We believe we have the responsibility and have committed to making a difference in Penang by reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste.”

“The hotel is proud to stand with the state’s mission on ‘Cleaner and Greener Penang’ and can expect to create a cleaner environment that will be beneficial for Penangites and Malaysia’s beautiful environment,” said Yeoh.

Also in Asia, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong has taken measures to remove plastic from many areas of the hotel, including straws. Lobster Bar now uses stainless steel straws as an alternative to plastic straws, and Restaurant Petrus now offers filtered water as an alternative to plastic and bottled water. In the Health Club and pool area, the hotel removed plastic bottles from the fitness machines and main shelves, and now encourage guests to drink from the water dispenser and to bring personal reusable water bottles. Lastly, the hotel’s human resources team distributed umbrella covers to all colleagues to decrease the use of disposable plastic bags for wet umbrellas.

Congratulations to Hotel Jen Penang and Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong for being leaders in sustainable operations. We look forward to the continued introduction of green practices at the hotels.