Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La Expands CSR Efforts in 2018

Located in the Snow Mountains in the Yunnan Province, Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La is proud to engage with our guests, community and colleagues by providing enriching experiences that enhance livelihoods and our environment. Check out how Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La has expanded its CSR efforts in 2018 through Our Community, Our Environment and Our People.

On March 8, Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La embraced local culture and expanded our colleagues’ knowledge of Yunnan culture when the management team visited a nearby village known as the birthplace of Dong Ba Culture. After three hours of driving, the Shangri-La colleagues began their colorful cultural journey starting at San Duo’s Worshipping Ceremony, then visited the homes of some of the villagers. The visit ended with a fun lunch and spirited conversation with the villagers.

On March 28, Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La organized a beach cleanup at Napa Sea. Nine colleagues arrived at the seaside 15 kilometers away from the resort with cleaning tools to collect dead fish that had washed up on shore. The volunteers collected about 10 tons of dead fish, which was sent to a government-designated landfill to be properly disposed.

“This truly shows, the core values of Shangri-La’s corporate culture, and our willingness to help others and uplift our environment,” said Grace Zhang, general manager of Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La.

On April 17, the resort hosted a Tennis Table Tournament to recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance. All in good fun, many employees competed in the tournament. After six rounds of competition, Havice Chen, health club manager, won the men’s bracket and Susan Wong, sales coordinator, took home first place in the women’s bracket.

Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La is located at a high altitude of about 10,695 feet. With this unique location and surrounding mountainous environment, it is important for our colleagues at the resort to know proper health procedures. On May 27, the resort invited the Red Cross to teach 25 colleagues first-aid skills and emergency operations including CPR, checking blood pressure and bandaging minor injuries.

“In the future, if our guests faint from altitude sickness or get injured on a hike, our colleagues know the essential skills to help our guests immediately,” said Zhang.

On June 30, the resort continued its first-aid training by welcoming Doctor Xu from the local Concorde Hospital to teach colleagues CPR and how to prevent infectious diseases. Attendees were inquisitive throughout the presentation, asking questions about CPR and healthy habits that they can apply on property and to their everyday lives.

Since 2017, Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La has supported the Damo School, a school for underprivileged students from a low-income community, with hands-on volunteer efforts and the WATERisLIFE project, which provided the school with a filtered water system and solar powered energy. On July 5, Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La continued its support for the school with a donation drive. The CSR team asked colleagues to donate goods including clothing, bags, jewelry scarves, children toys, household appliances, books and furniture. Colleagues then sold the goods during a flea market on property, from which all proceeds went to the school.

In partnership with Johnson Biological Resources Development Co., Ltd., Shangri-La Resort provides villagers of the Ni Xi Xiang community the tools to build and maintain chicken farms, including seedlings, vaccines and more. Six months after providing the tools, the organizations visit the village to purchase the matured chickens for 75 yuan (about USD12) each. The proceeds go straight to the families that nurtured the chickens. On July 12, six resort volunteers and the head of marketing from Johnson Biological Resources Development Co., Ltd. visited the Ni Xi Xiang underprivileged village to consult families and farmers on the growth and health of the chickens.

“The breeding of chickens in the Ni Xi Xiang village has enriched the village with a sense of purpose as well as increased economic stability,” said Zhang.

Congratulations to everyone involved in enhancing Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La’s CSR efforts in 2018.