Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong Restaurants Expand Menus With Exclusive MSC-Certified Dishes

To celebrate the recognition of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for all 53 Shangri-La and sister brand properties in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong launched an exclusive menu of 16 dishes using MSC-certified seafood. In line with Shangri-La’s Sustainable Seafood Policy and group-wide sustainable food and beverage initiative Rooted in Nature, the delicious dishes will be served in Big Bay Café and Hung Tong from August 9 to 19, 2018.

Executive Chinese Chef Ken Yu has created a selection of eight unique dishes for the hotel’s signature Chinese restaurant, Hung Tong, to highlight the hotel’s commitment to the program. Dishes include Poached Mussels with Celery and Glass Vermicelli, Stir-fried Cod Taiwanese Style, Stir-Fried Ling Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce and Baked Mussels with Cream and Cheese Sauce.

In Big Bay Café, a variety of dishes are on offer from a selection of theater kitchens to showcase the different ethically-sourced seafood on offer. From the Fry, Stew, Steam and Grill stations, a selection of the eight dishes on offer include Masala Ling Fillet, Wok-Fried Ling Fillet with Ginger and Spring Onion, Baked Cod Fillet with Miso and Dutch Mussels Poached in a Paprika Cream Sauce.

“As the spotlight on sustainability and focus on ethical and environmental issues grow ever more important, it is fundamental to highlight Kerry Hotel’s commitment to making a positive impact on the environment today,” said Angela Wong, director of communications at the hotel. “With the rise of sustainable food, more guests are interested to know where their food is sourced from so they can make an informed decision on where they choose to eat. With our proactive approach to sourcing MSC certified seafood for our restaurants, this provides guests with a verified source of the ingredients.”

The Hung Tong menu will be available for lunch and dinner. At Big Bay Café, the exclusive additions to the menu will be available during dinner.

Check out more information about Shangri-La’s Sustainable Seafood Policy and Rooted in Nature programs.