Kerry Trail Challenge Encourages Team Work To Make The Dream Work

At Shangri-La, we know that teamwork makes the dream work both inside and outside the hotel! On November 28, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong held the first Kerry Trail Challenge, a 20 kilometer fundraising hike that focused on team building and positive attitudes. The event raised money to benefit J Life Foundation Limited, an organization that helps underprivileged families in Hong Kong.

The hike welcomed 117 participants from Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong, Hotel Jen Hong Kong and the Aberdeen Marina Club on a scenic trail from Aberdeen Country Park to Kerry Hotel. The event included three fun team-building exercises at the beginning, middle and end of the race.

“The Kerry Trail Challenge was such a great event,” said Alice Miller, communications manager at Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong. “You could really feel the excitement and competition from all the teams at the starting line. The best part about the challenge was that it was done in teams, so you stick together and help and encourage each other along the way.”

“The Kerry Trail Challenge was an amazing journey for me and my teammates, considering we are from different departments, physical fitness and levels of experience in trail running,” said Simon Sung, director of human resources for Aberdeen Marina Club. “Even with these differences, we crossed the finish line together. I don’t think I could finish the challenge without my teammates’ encouragement and support.”

The successful event raised HKD42,000 (about USD5,380), which will be donated to J Life and benefit the communities it supports.

“Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong and J Life were such integral parts of the challenge, which brought all the participants together with a great sense of achievement,” said Alice Miller.

“Supporting nearby neighborhoods is at the heart of the Kerry Hotel ethos,” said Nicholas Smith, general manager. “Through delivering relief, encouraging the younger generation and providing sustainable opportunities, we hope we can make a lasting difference.”

Congratulations to all of our colleagues who organized and participated in the Kerry Trail Challenge! We look forward to the 2018 event!