Shangri-La Partners with WATERisLIFE to Provide Safe and Clean Drinking Water to Communities in Lhas

Nearly one billion people in the world do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. China accounts for over a third of those people. This especially affects rural areas in China, where 80 percent of underground wells are contaminated and not suitable for human consumption, according to the China Water Resource Ministry.

To address this issue, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has partnered with WATERisLIFE, a globally-recognized charitable organization, to provide three rural communities in southern China with water treatment plants. The partnership and system will provide a sustainable and lasting solution for potable drinking water.

The Shangri-La partnership with WATERisLIFE began in 2015 with the installation of a water treatment plant for an underprivileged school in Changchun. To this day, the treatment plant provides clean and safe drinking water for the students and the community.

Now, in 2017, the partnership will continue to help those in need in three remote destinations – Lhasa, Diqing and Yushu.

Beginning on November 15, Shangri-La and WATERisLIFE will install Innovative H20 SunSpring decentralized water treatment plants at an elementary school in the Mozhu Gongka County of Lhasa, the Dhama School in Diqing, and the Experimental Primary School in Yushu. Each installation will take only two to three hours and each treatment plant will be able to purify up to 5,000 gallons of water per day for over 10 years. The treatment plants use green technology, are self-cleaning and include power stations generated solely by solar and wind technology, making the systems truly sustainable throughout their working lifetimes.

During the time of installation, representatives from WATERisLIFE will train at least two people on-site to make minor adjustments when needed. Following installation, WATERisLIFE will conduct water tests every six months to ensure quality as well as provide remote monitoring systems for troubleshooting. Shangri-La engineers in Beijing will provide support via online assistance, call services as well as onsite support. Innovative H20 will provide technical support all day, every day.

Thank you to WATERisLIFE, SunSpring, Innovation H20 and our Shangri-La colleagues for helping these schools and communities gain access to a key to life.