Spring Has Sprung In Surabaya – And So Has CSR!

Spring has sprung in Indonesia, and so has CSR! During the season, Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya put CSR into action with fun programs and activities for its EMBRACE beneficiary, community members and colleagues. Here are just a few of the fun activities that the hotel hosted this spring.

To celebrate World Autism Day in April, the hotel welcomed 15 children with special needs from the Autism Awareness Advocacy Foundation (ASA) for a day of learning and fun. With the help of 10 hotel volunteers, the children spent the day improving their motor skills through fun activities like folding napkins into animals and making recycled soap bars from discarded hotel soap. The day concluded with new school bags for the children, which were donated by a Health Club colleague.

In May, the hotel recognized the importance of equal opportunity employment with a guest speaking engagement for 100 attendees. Saujana, an entrepreneur based in Yogyakarta, led the speaking engagement, which promoted inclusiveness, empowerment and social entrepreneurship in business and the hospitality industry. Supporting people with disabilities is one of Saujana’s passions, as he developed an online job-matching and job-placement program for people with disabilities in Indonesia. Similarly, Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya is committed to supporting the careers and livelihoods of people with disabilities.

“Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has a global commitment to employ people with disabilities,” said Sigi Bierbaumer, the hotel’s general manager and one of the speakers at the event. “One of our policies is to give equal opportunities to physically challenged applicants who want to pursue a career in the hotel industry. As a hotel, we are proud to cultivate and support the career goals of people with disabilities.”

To celebrate International Biodiversity Day on May 22, hotel colleagues and students from MI Nurul Huda 1 School, the hotel’s EMBRACE beneficiary, visited a nature reserve in Seloliman, Trawas Mojokerto, to learn more about the environment. Throughout the day, the students enjoyed learning about the importance of TOGA, which are medicinal plants found in Indonesia, how to make the traditional Indonesian herbal drink Jamu and other healing drinks, and learn about the rainforest ecosystem.

“Now, I can make Secang – a ginger-based hot drink – which is believed to cure a cold, bloating and promote blood circulation,” said Dimas, a student from the school.

Congratulations to those at Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya who put CSR into action this spring.