Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu Celebrates Local Confucian Culture with Children’s Winter Camp

As an international hotel group with properties all around the world, Shangri-La is proud to celebrate the culture and heritage that make our destinations extraordinary. For example, Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu celebrates its most famous hometown hero, Confucius. During his lifetime in Qufu, Confucius developed his humanistic philosophies that put emphasis on the importance of family and social harmony. Since it was first practiced in early 500 BCE, the ideas of Confucianism have spread throughout the globe and continue to influence people around the world.

To honor Confucian culture in the birthplace of its founder, Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu celebrated with an indoor children’s Winter Camp. The immersive day camp offered educational activities in some of Confucius’ most notable and revered activities, including the First Writing Ceremony, archery, crafts and cooking.

To celebrate the campaign launch, the hotel invited four members of the media and their families for a day of educational fun. The day started with dressing up in traditional Hanfu, the historic dress of the Han people.

The participants then participated in the First Writing Ceremony, in which they learned the traditional practice of Confucian literacy and etiquette.

Next on the agenda, the children joined in an archery lesson, which is one of the six Confucian arts. After learning the proper form and precision, the children enjoyed a friendly competition.

The day continued with crafting and a treasure hunt for the whole family. Parents guided children throughout the hotel to seek out unique artwork and antiques that embody Confucian culture.

The day concluded with a fun cooking class led by the hotel chefs.

“The day was full of fun and educational activities that also made for great family bonding experiences,” said Elly Hou, communications manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu.

While the Winter Camp was only available during the colder months, the hotel looks forward to celebrating Qufu’s culture and teaching children about the city’s history and Chinese culture through new and interesting activities.