Colleagues in Shanghai Celebrate Teamwork On and Off Property with Hotel-Hosted Football Tournaments

In September 2016, Jing An Shangri-La, East Shanghai held its second annual Climb for Hope Vertical Fun Run. Since the successful event, the hotel has continued to stay active, particularly with the world’s most popular sport – football.

Aligned with Shangri-La Sustainability’s core pillar of Our People, the hotel’s monthly football tournament encourages healthy and happy lifestyles for its colleagues. Each month, the hotel hosts a football tournament for colleagues throughout the hotel. The November tournament hosted 33 colleagues from different departments around the hotel. The hotel sales team took home the first place trophy with smiles to match.

“I have been a football fan for a long time, but rarely got the chance to play in Shanghai as it’s tough to round up enough people to play as well as a working field,” said Tommy Zhu, assistant service manager at Tsuru, the hotel’s Japanese restaurant. “I am very grateful to the hotel for giving me the opportunity to play football with my colleagues. I never knew there were so many football fans around me!”

“For me, this competition is not only a competition, but also brings colleagues together for a common interest and builds teamwork,” said Zhu.

We hope all the players continue to kick it in to high gear – both on and off the football pitch!