Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing Goes Fresh with an On-Site Farmers’ Market

In July, Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing’s lush garden came to life during its first Farmers’ Market as hotel guests and members of the community shopped for organic fruit and vegetables, dairy, cheese and other goods from local purveyors. In line with the group-wide sustainable food and beverage initiative, Rooted in Nature, the Farmers’ Market showcased locally-sourced or organic produce and goods that are not only healthy, but also beneficial to the local community.

Along with produce, dairy and eggs, certified organic suppliers showcased handmade noodles, home-brewed rice wines, herbal tea and jams. The hotel prepared food like freshly baked breads, pastries, cookies and healthy drinks for guests to enjoy during their time at the market.

Putting the taste to the test, hotel chefs held cooking demonstrations using suppliers’ fresh ingredients. Aside from the Farmers’ Market, guests can enjoy organic menu options at the hotel’s restaurants.

Congratulations to the hotel’s first successful Farmers’ Market, and we wish for many more to come.