Colleagues at Aberdeen Marina Club Team Up to Clean Up

In James Hilton’s 1933 novel Lost Horizon, main character Hugh Conway describes his newfound Shangri-La, a paradisaical land that delights all of the senses. From our namesake, we at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts understand that one’s paradise is more than just the comfort of a resting place, but also the protection and preservation of the environment that surrounds our properties. In July, colleagues from Aberdeen Marina Club demonstrated this by performing a waterfront clean up through hard work as a team.

On July 14, 28 colleagues teamed up to collect waste in the marina. By the end of the day, colleagues collected about 433 pounds of waste from the dock area. After the cleanup, colleagues enjoyed light snacks and drinks to cool down in the summer heat.

“It was an opportunity to get rid of as much garbage as possible and promote a sense of caring for our environment,” said Mandy Lau, human resources associate. “It was also an opportunity for teams from different departments to work together as colleagues as well as socialize.”

Congratulations to the team at Aberdeen Marina Club for the successful waterfront cleanup.