Hylandia by Shangri-La Celebrates Local Culture in Yunnan Province

Yunnan province, the land that inspired the fabled paradise in James Hilton’s 1933 novel, is an area of China that offers not only natural beauty but rich culture and traditions. Since Hylandia by Shangri-La opened in August 2015, the hotel has worked with four non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help support and preserve the local culture and art that make the Yunnan province so special.

The four NGOs – Shangri-La Folk Music Preservation Association, Shangri-La Hand Craft Center, Association of Culture Preservation, and the Center for Creative Art – sell goods and crafts in the lobby of the hotel to guests and colleagues alike. The groups also hold thangka painting lessons and perform folk music and dance so guests can experience local culture in the hotel. All money raised through the sale of goods and crafts goes directly to the NGOs.

The hotel also hosts seasonal cultural experiences, such as Tibetan concerts featuring local talent and cooking demonstrations.

"Using your heart and your hands is a great way to experience the creativity in life and in culture,” said Sophia Chen, communications manager at Hylandia by Shangri-La. “We encourage our staff and guests to know more about local arts and culture by participating in activities regularly.”

Thank you to Hylandia by Shangri-La for creating an environment for local talents to prosper and create memories for our guests and colleagues!