Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Gives Back By Breaking Guinness World Record for the Longest Fruit Cake

On your marks, get set, bake! Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta started the new year by breaking the Guinness World Record for baking the longest fruitcake. Executive Chef Marc Cibrowius and Executive Pastry Chef Mathias Dusend led the culinary team to bake the 561-meter cake in support of the Indonesian Care for Cancer Kids Foundation (YKAKI).

The team spent over two weeks planning the record-breaking cake. The team decided to incorporate the group-wide culinary sustainability initiative Rooted in Nature by using local dried papaya and mango to add tropical flavor to the fruitcake.

After 94 hours of baking, 392.5 kilograms of egg, 310.2 kilograms of butter, 345.6 kilograms of flour, and 347 kilograms of dried fruit, the cake was ready for assembly.

On the day of the record, the hotel lobby was filled with the aroma of delicious fruitcake as the final cake zigzagged through the space on 111 tables. The assembled cake weighed 1,678 kilograms (almost 3,700 pounds) and measured to just over 561 meters (about 1,840 feet), officially breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest fruitcake.

After officials measured the cake, the team cut 17,666 slices which were packed for purchase. The hotel sold the slices for 85,000 Indonesian Rupiah (about US$6.18) per slice, and the profits, totaling about US$1,000 were donated to YKAKI.

Congratulations to the culinary team at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta!