Shangri-La Hotel, Doha Joins the Fight to Beat Diabetes

Every year in November, World Diabetes Day is recognized to mark the birthday of Nobel laureate Frederick Banting who, along with Charles Best, first successfully used insulin on humans in 1922. To commemorate the day and raise awareness for diabetes, over 100 colleagues from Shangri-La Hotel, Doha participated in the city’s Fifth Annual Beat Diabetes Walk-A-Thon. The walk included a one-kilometer walk through Aspire Park in Doha and activities such as Zumba sessions, live music and free glucose blood testing.

"This initiative was a great way to have an outdoor work-out and support the awareness of a good cause," said Vittoria Bellantonio, a colleague in the food and beverage department at Shangri-La Hotel, Doha.

"The number of people directly affected by diabetes is increasing due to our modern way of life,” said Ji Li, a colleague in the hotel’s human resources department. “I think this walk is an interesting initiative to address the issue and promote ways to fight it, like small and simple exercises.”

We look forward to the wonderful things our colleagues will do for their community in Doha – especially now with the hotel’s opens in December 2015!