The Aberdeen Marina Club Gets Spooky with CSR

Our colleagues in Hong Kong know there’s nothing scary about CSR, but they can celebrate it with a spooky party. Recently, the Aberdeen Marina Club celebrated Halloween with its first haunted holiday party for the club’s colleagues and their children. Over 70 children and 80 adults attended the Haunted Castle Night party, where the children participated in spooky games, played in a gigantic bouncy house, painted pumpkins, had their faces painted, snacked on Halloween-themed food and more. Many children participated in the Halloween fashion show, where they could show off their Halloween costumes on the (black) cat walk.

As part of the club’s CSR initiative, the children could also learn about the endangered horseshoe crab, the animal’s significance to the environment, and what they can do to help protect the species’ habitat. Horseshoe crabs are an endangered crustacean native to Hong Kong, whose natural habitats are gradually destroyed by pollution and urban developments. The party committee sold tickets to the event and raised over HK $14,000 (about US $1,806.37), which was donated to the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation of Hong Kong (OPCFHK) to support the horseshoe crab protection program.

Congratulations, Aberdeen Marina Club, on the successful event!