Shangri-La Hotel, Doha Participates in National Blood Drive

Before the hotel’s opening on September 24, 2015, colleagues at Shangri-La Hotel, Doha have been busy giving back to their community. Recently, Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation, a global humanitarian non-profit located in Doha, organized a national blood donation campaign for the national blood bank. Colleagues at Shangri-La Hotel, Doha quickly joined in the campaign: six colleagues helped promote the drive and twelve colleagues donated blood for the cause.

“The donation drive is an important initiative that will not only benefit the national blood bank, but also help raise awareness of the culture of voluntary giving,” said Antoine Babin, Resident Manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Doha. “We are glad to have made such a meaningful contribution to our community.”

Great job to the team at Shangri-La Hotel, Doha!