What’s New in Rooted in Nature

Since 2014, Shangri-La hotels and resorts around the world have committed to the group-wide sustainability initiative, Rooted in Nature. Recently, many Shangri-La properties and kitchens introduced new methods and practices to embrace the initiative.

Colleagues at Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing planted herb and vegetable gardens in an unused space of the staff parking lot and on the roof. After months of gardening and patience, hotel chefs can now pick the freshest ingredients, straight from the hotel’s soil, to include in their dishes.

Shangri-La Hotel, Huhhot’s hotel garden is not a new installment, but food and beverage colleagues recently encouraged others to join in the excitement of Rooted in Nature. Colleagues from the food and beverage department hosted a gardening activity, in which colleagues from different departments planted herbs and vegetables in the hotel’s garden. The activity benefited not only the environment, but also encouraged teamwork and a deeper understanding of Rooted in Nature. The food and beverage team then held a food tasting in Xin Café to showcase dishes that feature Rooted in Nature ingredients.

Recently, Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian partnered with Yue Na Future Co., a local organic farm that does not use chemical fertilizer, to purchase herbs and vegetables for iCafe. The restaurant now offers an organic salad bar featuring the farm’s organic produce.

Shangri-La Hotel, Xian also nurtures its own garden with a unique free-range chicken coop, which the chefs utilize to create seasonal Rooted in Nature dishes.

Following the maturation of the garden, Shangri-Lla Hotel, Xian hosted its first Hotel Lush Garden dinner, in which guests were invited to taste the season’s Rooted in Nature dishes. Everything down to the menus were Rooted in Nature, with menu items written with edible ink on hand-picked leaves.

As a unique parting gift, Shangri-La Hotel, Xian gave guests Rooted in Nature homemade lemon grass bug spray.

Congratulations to all of the properties and colleagues that are embracing Rooted in Nature and making it a truly group-wide initiative.