Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei Serves Up Cake & CSR

Recently, Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei celebrated a milestone by breaking a Guinness World Record. On May 27, colleagues at the hotel celebrated its 20th anniversary and the completion of its renovation by creating the world’s longest roll cake, judged and awarded by The Guinness World Records. After much preparation, the team beat the record of 140 meters with a Taro and Pineapple Roll Cake measuring 268.69 meters long.

After the official cake measurement took place, pieces of the cake were sold at a charity bazaar, in which all net profits were donated to the SOS Children’s Village in Taiwan, an independent development organization that helps provide children with shelter, health care, education, job training and more.

The hotel began planning the record-breaking cake in July 2014. Planning included sourcing ingredients, considering logistics such as the layout and how the team would assemble the cake, and acquiring the man power to create the cake. Ten months later, the hotel was ready to attempt to beat the record.

The hotel’s professional pastry team and 35 students from the nearby Kai Ping Culinary School teamed up to create record-breaking Taro and Pineapple Roll Cake with Raspberry Jam. The culinary team stayed true to Shangri-La’s Rooted in Nature initiative by using locally-sourced ingredients such as Taiwanese pineapples and eggs.

An estimated 186 kilograms of taro cream and raspberry jam, 164 kilograms of Taiwanese pineapple, 100 kilograms of eggs (about 2,000 eggs), 50 kilograms of sugar, 95 kilograms of flour, and over 20 kilograms of chocolate were used to make the record-breaking cake.

After officials from Guinness World Records measured the cake, colleagues sold it piece by piece to members of the community at the charity bazaar for NT$80 (about US $2.57) per piece and NT$960 (about US $30.90) per box of 12 pieces. All proceeds of the cake will be donated to the SOS Children’s Village in Taiwan.

Watch the team in action as they break the Guinness World Record for Longest Roll Cake!