Hotel-Grown: From Our Gardens to Your Plates

The shortest route from the soil to your plate may be just a few steps outside the hotel kitchens at many Shangri-La hotels around the world. Many of our chefs cultivate their own crops of herbs, fruits and vegetables to ensure the freshest ingredients are available to our diners. And some of these chefs and gardeners have taken things a step further to give guests the chance learn more about our gardens and the food we grow and serve.

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore’s herb garden features a variety of plants, trees and herbs to attract local birds and butterflies living on Sentosa Island. The garden includes flowering plants, fruit trees and a variety of herbs including Thai holy basil, sweet basil, mint, screw pine leaves, chili, lemongrass, mint, curry leaves, Herb-of-Grace, long coriander and more.

The hotel-grown herbs make their appearance in several dishes and drinks served at the resort, most notably in the bar’s refreshing mint mojitos. To bring children into the fun, the garden’s herbs are used in the mocktail making sessions that are part of the Cool Zone activity programs.

At Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou, guests not only eat hotel-grown fruits and vegetables, but can even help grow the ingredients for their own dinner. The hotel offers weekly tours of its Shang Garden, where participants can plant, water and harvest the seasonal ingredients used in dishes at Wok TOO Café. Vegetables, fruits, and herbs, including corn, Chinese cabbage, eggplant, radish, papaya, fig, grapes and mint leaves, are all grown in the Shang Garden to be served at the all day dining restaurant. The cuisine at Wok TOO Café consists of over 60 percent sustainable ingredients from the Shang Garden and local farmers and fishermen. To help highlight the organic dishes at the restaurant, a “green ambassador” presents the dishes to guests as they are dining and explains the ingredients’ sources.

At Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, the hotel garden has fostered warm cooperation between the landscape team and the weekend kids’ activity team. The gardeners and caretakers worked together to introduce a “Treasure Hunt in the Garden” for guests aged three to twelve. During the treasure hunt, children explore the garden, whose plants include: basil, lemon grass, Java ginseng, kangkong, citrus, pandanus, peanuts, ginger, butterfly peas, and chilies. These pint-sized guests can discover these ingredients in the garden, before discovering them on their plates.

We hope you can discover a few hotel-grown ingredients at your next Shangri-La meal, and maybe even discover one of our gardens.