World Water Day: How Our Hotels are Helping Local Communities and their Environment

Millions of people lack access to safe drinking water. In honor of World Water Day on March 22, we want to share what Shangri-La hotels in China have done to help remote villages gain access to healthy drinking water.

In 2014, colleagues and friends biked through China on a seven-day, 800-kilometer (about 497-mile) Ride for Hope to raise money to build 40 water wells for villagers in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and to support a local primary school.

Two other Shangri-La hotels in China are also helping to provide access to safe and healthy drinking water through community projects. About 150 kilometers (about 93 miles) outside of Qingdao are many villages that have difficulty accessing healthy drinking water. To help remedy this, Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao launched its Living Water Project in 2012 to help deliver potable water to villagers through water supply networks. The project installed a water pump in the village which collects potable water from a deep water well. The pump delivers water to pipes the hotel helped install in the villagers’ homes, thereby providing direct access to clean drinking water. The project has assisted over 1,500 villagers in three villages near Qingdao from 2012 to 2014.

After witnessing firsthand the importance of access to water, colleagues were moved to learn more about how they could conserve this natural resource. The hotel created an ongoing program to educate Shangri-La colleagues on techniques to save water at work and at home.

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Since 2009, Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun has helped the nearby Yitong Yingchengzi town Xin Jia Primary School improve its facilities. After helping the school build a better learning environment for students in 2009, Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun learned that the children did not have access to clean water. The nearby shallow wells pumped unsafe drinking water, and deeper wells with potable water were too far away to bring water to the school.

The hotel decided to help the school by donating the funds to drill a well deep enough to access potable water. The children and teachers at the school now have enough clean water to drink, and are even able to share it with their parents and members of the community.

As a hotel group, Shangri-La hotels and resorts around the world are committed to provide access to water for our nearby communities and to water conservation to protect this precious resource. See what we’re doing to reduce our water consumption.