Say Cheese!

There’s a lot to smile about in Tokyo and Yangon, and we’ve found another reason to for cheese lovers. While the traditional cuisines of Japan and Myanmar do not feature cheese, the Shangri-La hotels in Yangon and Tokyo have found incredible local sources of what is traditionally a European specialty.

At Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo, the restaurants source their Raclette cheese from the Agriculture Producers’ Cooperative Corporation. The cooperative practices a traditional method of cheese production by using non-pasteurized milk. In addition, the farms that are part of the cooperative use free-range cows in their dairy practices; these cows are raised in a stress-reduced environment with a natural manner of pasturage. This allows the farmers to produce high-quality cheese from healthy, happy cows.

In Myanmar, Sule Shangri-La, Yangon locally sources about 40 percent of its ingredients. A product of note is Sharky’s delicious goat and mozzarella cheese. During the 1990s, Mr. Ye Htut Win traveled from Europe to Myanmar to bring quality cheese and food items to the country. Following Ye’s successful efforts, you can get Sharky’s products at Sule Shangri-La, Yangon and throughout Myanmar, including cheese, salt, aged ham, and gelato. Ye’s work supports farmers and suppliers throughout Myanmar.

As part of the group-wide Rooted in Nature initiative, we are proud to serve these locally-sourced ingredients at our hotels in Tokyo and Yangon.