Care for Panda Project

The highlight for many guests traveling to Chengdu is getting up close with one of China’s most beloved animals – the giant panda! While the giant panda is considered a national treasure in China, the species is slowly diminishing and is classified as Endangered under the International Union for Conservation of Nature. To help save the species, Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu dedicated its Sanctuary project to protect the giant panda and reverse the process of extinction.

In December 2012, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts partnered with the Dujiangyan Panda Saving and Disease Control Center, an institution that is devoted to the continued existence giant pandas, to launch the Dujiangyan Giant Panda Centre in Chengdu. Almost 16,000 bamboo seedlings were planted in the 1.6-hectare bamboo plantation, now an integral part of a much-needed base for rescued, ill or elderly wild giant pandas.

Now, the luxury hotel group is inviting members of its Golden Circle loyalty program to join in the efforts by donating Golden Circle (GC) Award Points to secure bamboo seedlings to be planted in the garden! The Centre’s new bamboo garden will be planted with 30 different bamboo species to serve the purpose of further research and to provide an information area for visiting students, guests and tourists.

Guests staying at Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu also have the exciting option to be a part of the panda fun! Guests have exclusive access to programs at the panda base, located at the foot of Mount Qing Cheng, an hour-and-a-half drive from Chengdu. During educational excursions to the base, guests can learn more about the plight of endangered giant pandas and participate in learning activities such as preparing healthy ‘panda cookies’ in the Panda Kitchen sponsored by Shangri-La.

As a team, we are thrilled to witness the positive impacts of the Dujiangyan Giant Panda Centre!