With Rooted in Nature, Every Day is Earth Day in the Shangri-La Kitchens

In 2014 Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts introduced Rooted in Nature, a culinary initiative highlighting locally or ethically sourced food offerings. The initiative recognizes the differences in the group’s locations and enables all Shangri-La hotels and resorts to incorporate sustainable items from their unique markets into their menus. From small farms in the Maldives to fishing villages in Malaysia, the hotels recognize the farmers, fisherman and ranchers that make dining at Shangri-La not only delicious but also sustainable.

Throughout April, special Rooted in Nature restaurant celebrations are running at all Shangri-La and Kerry hotels globally. Dishes on offer will include produce and herbs grown on the hotel grounds, locally-sourced organic vegetables and fruits, line-caught fish, free range poultry and beef, honey from a hotel’s own beehive, and more.

By working hand in hand with the local communities and responsible suppliers, Shangri-La chefs strive to serve the highest quality cuisine to guests at our restaurants around the world.

Rooted in Nature items on menus must meet one or more of the five guidelines with an ingredient that is prominent in the dish:

  • Locally grown fruits and vegetables

  • Chemical and pesticide free local produce

  • Free range livestock meat, poultry, egg

  • Sustainably sourced seafood

  • Certified organic, Fairtrade and other local certifications

Diners can identify Rooted in Nature menu items by spotting the pea shoot logo beside the dish description on a la carte menus and café stations at all day dining restaurants and selected specialty restaurants.

Through Rooted in Nature, Shangri-La aims to:

  • support local agricultural and fishing communities,

  • buy chemical pesticide-free local produce,

  • source from free-range livestock and poultry products where possible,

  • acquire sustainably-sourced seafood that are caught through ethical means,

  • and serve organic and fair trade products indicated by national and local food safety standards.

By 2020, Shangri-La’s goal is to serve 75% more sustainably sourced food.

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