Turtle Ranger: A Big Job for Little Animals

At Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, Sultanate of Oman, we host all kinds of travelers – including turtles! During the yearly turtle nesting season from January to June, green turtles and endangered hawksbill sea turtles travel to the beautiful beaches off the Sea of Oman to lay their eggs until the hatchlings emerge and return home. To protect the sea turtles while they mature in their temporary home, the resort’s dedicated Turtle Ranger Mohammed Abdullah Sulaiym Al Hasani watches over the offspring and ensures safe nesting, hatching and returns back to the sea.

Born and raised in the area, Mohammed has a long history of appreciating the wildlife through snorkeling, swimming and fishing in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Mohammed’s first encounter with turtles occurred when he swam in the sea of Qantab and noticed a group of turtles trapped in a fishing net. Knowing the turtles would not survive the caging, Mohammed immediately released them. Years later, because of his passion for sea turtles and appreciation of the ecosystem in Muscat, one of the top environmental companies in Oman recommended Mohammed to join the Shangri-La family as the in-house Turtle Ranger.

After joining the Shangri-La family, Mohammed attended a three week training excursion on the behavioral trends and different types of turtles in Mossira Island and Rasalhad, which is the best place in Oman to see and study turtles. Today, through Shangri-La’s Turtle Care Project, Mohammed supervises all “turtle activities” in the entire Bandar Jissah area. Shangri-La’s Turtle Care Project is committed to the care and protection of turtles in Oman by raising awareness, sharing information with hotel guests, providing a sanctuary for mother turtles, caring for the hatchlings, and ensuring the hatchlings return safely to the ocean.