Our People


It is in our nature to look after people, to anticipate their needs and to care for them. We value the deep bonds and emotional connections we have with our guests and colleagues. These ties and the strong sense of belonging continue to bring people back to us time and again.

Our culture of thoughtful service is embodied in our people as they engage and interact with customers and with each other every day. They know instinctively what it means to delight our guests and to deliver hospitality from the heart. Not only are Shangri-La colleagues motivated to give their best, they bring the Shangri-La magic to life.

Shangri-La Group has numerous programs to support employee development and leadership succession. Shangri-La Group provides a conducive working environment that fosters a strong learning culture. We believe in nurturing local talent and respect and value diversity. Such differences help drive creativity and innovation within the company. It is also crucial to help meet the needs of our diverse customer base and the many communities in which we operate.

We owe our success to the dedication and commitment of our people. Their authenticity and passion to serve our customers and to relate on a personal level have made us an undisputed leader in Asian hospitality.

As we expand our footprint and grow as a company, we are committed to bring value to our people by realizing their potential. As a leading hospitality group, Shangri-La Group works together with colleagues to fulfill their professional aspirations along every step of their career.


As a family, Shangri-La Group is an equal opportunity employer that embraces diversity in the workplace. We do not engage in or tolerate unlawful workplace conduct, discrimination, or harassment. Fair labor practices are applied across all departments, exceeding local standards and regulations in line with our commitment as signatories to the UN Global Compact.


Shangri-La Group strongly encourages local community employment to contribute to the overall residents' quality of life. We aim to provide people with disabilities (PWD) opportunities for upward mobility in every local community in which we operate. Our hotels in China employ an average of 1.76 percent People with Disabilities across Rooms, Food & Beverage, Spa, Security, and overall guest services. 


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